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NYP Speaker calls on Covid-19 Infected Youths to Avoid Causing Public Panic and Distress

Speaking at a news conference in Gombe, the Speaker of the National Youth Parliament, Mr. Mubarak Mijinyawa, says he is concerned that many of the positive cases tested are young people, which makes it necessary for the youths to lend their voices on the need to co-opt youth in every committee to fight Covid-19.

Citing recent protest in some isolation centres in Nigeria, particularly in Gombe and Oyo states, the Speaker of the Nigerian Youth Parliament said they realised that 90 percent of the infected persons in the isolation wards in Gombe were young people, with no symptoms of the Covid-19.

He added that the protest in Gombe was staged to sabotage efforts of the state government and the State Task Force on Covid-19 for personal gains. Adding that the protesters were claiming they are not being fed all along and they have not been taken care of by the State Task Force.

"I am a youth and I need not to overemphasize the way young people act when being deprived of a request made or most importantly when being "detained" for what he/she quotes as 'a lie'.

He appealed to the youths infected with Covid-19 to avoid spreading rumours and misleading the public about the virus/its treatment and help humanity by staying home/isolated.

Mr. Mijinyawa said cases of the virus have been growing within the last three months since the first case was recorded in Nigeria, which to his dismay; Nigerian youths were not being carried along in the fight against Coronavirus both at national and state levels.

He added that governments, community vanguards and vigilantes should put in more efforts in stopping the interstate movements, so as to win the fight against the disease, which was increasing the spread in the country.

He equally said there should be increase in doctor-patient engagement and relationship, to enhance patient-education on the virus.

He commended the efforts of some State Task Force on Covid-19 for keeping the public informed through social media and daily press briefings.

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