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Eid-el fitr: NYP Joins Muslims in celebration

The Speaker Nigerian Youth Parliament, Rt. Hon. Mubarak Mijinyawa on behalf of all members has called on citizens in the country not to lose hope in the ongoing fight against the corona virus disease.

Mijinyawa made this call in his Eid-el fitr message issued to Newsmen on Monday.

He said that hopefully the country will soon revive all sectors affected by coronavirus pandemic.

''Today is a special day to all muslims. It is indeed a period of celebration and brotherhood.

Fellow Nigerians particularly our youths, be rest assured of a regained freedom of movement, a revived and sustainable economy to be driven by small, medium and large scale enterprises as well as natural resources, a functional educational system amongst other things."

Mijinyawa advised all citizens to maintain physical distancing, improve personal hygiene and build courage on the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

''As we are advised to maintain social distancing and frequent hygiene, please keep inside you the faith that we are doing this to save humanity and we will get out of this even stronger."

He further said:

"We know that this might be difficult for all of us, but remember a time has passed when our great grand parents were enslaved but with hope, patience, commitment and clear focus, they fought for the freedom of our dear country Nigeria''.

The Speaker further admonished God for sparing their lives to witness the period with full lessons to learn amidst Ramadan fast and coronavirus pandemic.

''As for our own generation, we should consider this pandemic period a historic one and thank Almighty God for sparing our lives to witness it. For, it is the first of its kind that will be remembered till the end of time.

I once again wish all muslims around the country a happy and prosperous Eid el fitr''. He added.

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