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Democracy Day: NYP Calls on Youth to Challenge Incompetent Politicians in Ballots.

On the event of the 2021 Democracy Day in Nigeria, the Nigerian Youth Parliament wishes to call on the entire youth of this country to be good ambassadors and agents of national security and peace dialogues for a safe and secured future of this country.

Youth are very exuberant and are therefore tagged as catalyst of every security threat facing every society or country. Of course elites with political and ethnic agendas have always been behind every major conflicts especially ethnic and religious bigotry and are as such declared as instigators of every hostile state.

We must therefore come together as one and acknowledge our individual ethnic and religious differences at the same time embrace such with love and harmony for one another.

Insecurity in any part of the country will directly or indirectly affect every part. The most recent unfortunate incidences in Imo state is an eye opener for all to see that the perpetrators of violence in the Niger-Delta region are equally contributing to further destruction of the region and barely affects people from outside the region.

We must work closely together and embark on serious advocacy and awareness on why we need to bring back our national unity and snub any element of unpatriotism.

Remember the change we want will surely get to us when we take positions of power. Let us take away the mandate of our forefathers from every selfish leader and occupy the positions to make the change we dream to see. That can and will only be achieved when we the youth come together with the soul aim of reviving our DEMOCRACY.

Happy Democracy Day.

God bless Nigerian youth and God bless Nigeria.

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