The Nigerian Youth Parliament being under the tutelage of the National Assembly and funded by the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports Development is a non partisan umbrella body for the Nigerian Youths created in Compliance with the United Nations Charter on Youths Development and in pursuant to the resolutions of the Commonwealth Head of Governments meeting in the Republic of Malta 2005 as a platform through which their voices could be heard on government policies that affect them directly.

The resolutions seek the acceptance and compliance of all member States to establish, maintain and fund a functional Youth Parliament.

The Nigerian Youth Parliament (NYP) is a Legislative and Developmental Training Institution, created to strengthen, reinforce and consolidate efforts in empowering Young People through meaningful Youth representation in driving Nigeria’s developmental agenda.


The Nigerian Youth Parliament was first Proclaimed in 2008 by the late President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Umaru Musa Yar’adua GCFR With Rt. Hon Luke Onofiok as the Pioneer Speaker.

The Youth Parliament sits and deliberates on matters of national importance as it affects youth development. Resolutions reached are passed as votes and proceedings to the Heads of both Chambers of the National Assembly and the President through the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development for considerations.



The composition of the Youth Parliament is mirrored after the Nigerian Senate, that is, each Member shall represent a Senatorial District and one Member representing the Federal Capital Territory.

The functions, responsibilities, rules and businesses reflect the Nigerian House of Representatives.

It allows the 109 Honourable Members of the Youth Parliament to represent the Nigerian Youths, debate on issues of national importance and forward their resolutions to the Heads of the National Assembly and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Developments.

Each Assembly of The Nigerian Youth Parliament runs for a period of Two Years and plenary sittings hold at least once every quarter in a parliamentary year.



The Fourth Assembly

Goals of the 4th

The Fourth Assembly of the Nigerian Youth Parliament was inaugurated by the Minister of Youths and Sports on the 28th day of May 2019 in Edo State, saw the emergence of Rt. Hon. Mubarak Mijinyawa and Rt. Hon. Engr Aja Chioma as the Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively to provide leadership and direction not just for the Youth Parliament but the entire Youth demography in the Nation.

The Fourth Assembly of the Nigerian Youth Parliament is determined to deliver on citizens’ expectations on Youth representation and fulfil its responsibilities of advisories.

The Fourth Assembly of the Nigerian Youth Parliament in consultation with other Stakeholders will give to itself a Legislative Agenda that would help it deliver on expectations.


Aim of the 4th